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Customer Testimonials

Now that my mom's reverse mortgage has been effected, and the money is securely "in the bank", I wanted to take a moment to commend and thank you for your very rare, but very obvious, commitment to your work.  I have worked with the mortgage industry for over thirty years and have long been a Member of the Law Committee of the MBA.  In all this time I have seen a number of  first-rate mortgage professionals.  You rate high in their ranks.

From the time of the very first, tentative communications you had from my family, you were unflaggingly clear, sure - and reassuring.  As you surely know given your specialty, this is critically important with folks of my mother's age and uncertainty.  (It says a great deal that she speaks so well of  "that Cecilia woman..."!

What you told us was true.  What you predicted came to pass.  What you advised was wise and your warnings were prudent and well taken.  Can't ask for much more.  You are in a service business, and perfect for it.  You are an ace.  We owe you one.

Mark K., Chairman, Severson & Werson